Vietnam is one of the hardest countries in the world to be successful playing original music. But this is not because it is a competitive market. Quite the contrary! The commercial demand in Vietnam is for cover bands playing the same old songs over and over. You have no freaking idea how many times we have heard Hotel California or Uptown Funk. Any musician (or music lover) who has spent time here clearly understands this. It is wildly frustrating. Maddening.

Vietnam Sound System compiles and showcases bands and musicians creating original music. Consider us an encyclopedia of “who’s doing what” in Vietnam. We also have a little budget for promoting events via our Facebook sites. We want more people at shows! Nothing sucks more than playing to an empty house.

We are style agnostic in terms of Music. If you are an artist doing anything from Punk to Jazz or whatever in between you are welcome here. Original music is cool no matter what style – unless it contains hate speech. That is never allowed at Vietnam Sound System and will get you instantly and permanently banned from working with us.

We are language agnostic. We would love Vietnamese-speaking artists to be represented here. (Translation of this site on the way!!!)

We are “fame agnostic”. We don’t care whether you are a big artist with millions of YouTube views or a one-person act who has never played a gig. You deserve to be here.

What do we get out of this? Satisfaction!

Are we making money somehow? Nope. We are paying a lot for this out of our own pocket and donating massive hours of our time simply because we are music lovers who want to see the original music scene in Vietnam flourish.

The original music scene in Vietnam has been stagnant for so long. Not only is it hard to get anything going, but it it super hard to sustain it.

Think about it, how many original bands in Vietnam do you know of that have been gigging for more than five years? How many original bands here have recorded two or more albums. Sure there are the stars here. We applaud them. But there are hundreds, of other bands that are just gonna disappear. Not because they suck (well maybe that too but that happens everywhere) but because they will never gain any traction in a market that is totally stacked against them. Vietnam does not do a good job of rewarding those that create new music – not yet at least.

Our focus is on getting original bands and artists here on the radar screen. Getting them heard worldwide. Let’s make the 2020s the decade Vietnam’s original music scene explodes onto the global scene. We will have more success doing this together rather than each of us fighting our own battles to be heard.