People Ask: Do we have to pay you anything? Do you own your stuff now? Are you your manager? Are you our promoter? Are you a record label? Do we now have any business relationship together? Are you going to ask me to do anything for you? Are you making money from this in any way? Are you selling anything? Are you buying anything? Am I your girlfriend???

We Say: No.

People Ask: Can I ask you to take my stuff down? Can you refuse to put my stuff up? If play a “tweaked out” version of a cover song can I put that up? Can you write about my band in a blog or Facebook post? Are you guys also musicians writing original music in Vietnam. Are you working your ass off. Are you loosing money with this? Can I offer to buy a beer for someone at Vietnam Sound System someday???

We Say: Yes.

People Ask: What is a “tweaked out” version of a cover song?

We say: Sid Viscous covered My Way. That’s the ballpark of what we mean.

People Ask: Do you listen to all the songs that artists submit or watch all their videos and then decide if they should be included here?

We Say: No. We believe in freedom of expression. Just because we may not like your song or style we wont reject it.

People Ask: Is there a limit on how many videos I can post?

We Say: For the time being it’s five videos. We just don’t have enough staff at the moment to add more for you. (Remember we are all donating our time for free.) If you have a special circumstance where you need more let us know and we can talk about it.

People Ask: Are you sure you may not turn this into a business somehow someday?

We Say: No.

We are just getting started with this project and have no idea where it will lead. That is why it is essential we have your contact information. If anything changes with us we will let you know and you can decide if you want to remove your content.