Get Included !

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1) Provide us with your band’s name. If you are a solo-artist give us your name.

2) Provide us with a cover photo to represent your band or solo-act. (This is a must. It can be anything. Band photos, artwork, whatever you like. JPG or PNG format.)

3) Provide us with some of your original content on YouTube. We also need you to also provide a unique photo for each song. This is so it can be added to our page with all the videos. We gotta have these photos to make the page look pretty and not just a ton YouTube advertisements.

4) If you would like to include contact info for the band or musicians please give us that (This is optional)

5) Include any social media contacts you would like – this is optional. (FB, Zalo, Instagram, etc.)

6) Please include any streaming services you would like (Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc.) – this is optional.

We will process everything and include you here as fast as we can. We are not responsible for any errors. If you see any please let us know and we will fix them asap.

Lastly, what if we include you here and you want you and your content removed from the site? Just ask us and we will do it. No problem! But there is a very good chance we will not re-include you if you ask to be included again later. We are all super busy and it’s pretty much once you are out you are out.

Thanks and best wishes for your musical adventure !!!